A psychological horror adventure in space


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Womb is a psychological horror adventure set in the future where you control a human being who has woken up inside a spaceship after having been cryogenically frozen for more than 400 years.

Though this game was developed using RPG Maker and you can access a menu that is very similar to that found in most of these kinds of role-playing games, you won't find a single combat in Womb. There are no enemies in the spaceship and you don't have to worry about finding weapons or armor. Instead, the all of the problems that you encounter will appear in the form of puzzles.

During the game you will see some videos with real images that help the story move forward at key moments. These videos are quite different from Womb's normal graphics, and this time they are practically identical to those of most of the games developed with RPG Maker.

Womb is a disturbing and very interesting adventure, and its main strength is its story. However, at some points the hero moves so slowly that it can be really exasperating.
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